J. Gow Spiced Rum


J. Gow Spiced Rum



Spiced rum with caramel and natural spices from around the world including two secret ingredients grown in Orkney. A light golden colour, with a smooth sweetness. Subtle citrus and cinnamon notes, a hint of vanilla and a warming spice finish. A prominent rum flavour complimented with spices, rather than an overload of spices masking any hint of rum. Enjoy straight, on the rocks, with a mixer or in a cocktail.

Pure island Rum. Inspired by pirates, distilled beside the sea. Fermented, distilled, matured and bottled in Orkney, Scotland.


J. Gow rum takes its name from the infamous Orkney pirate John Gow. His short, violent career began in Amsterdam and ended in Orkney. He was imprisoned, tried and hung. Not once, but twice, (after the rope snapped the first time) at London’s execution dock on the 11th of June 1725. While the name conjures up images of pirates, it also creates imagery of the brutal seas and rugged coastlines surrounding Orkney. The distillery sits meters from the sea on Lamb Holm. It may well be one of the smallest rum producing islands in the world.


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