How It’s Made

We produce a range of fruit wine & liqueurs to suit everyone’s taste buds.
All 100% natural, sulphur free & entirely made by hand.
We manually clean and select our fruit to ensure only the best goes into our wine. Before maturing the fruit whole, as we want to get all the ‘goodies'(the vitamins & anti-oxidants) out of the skins & seeds.
We allow the fermentation to run its course. Never adding sulphur or any other chemicals to stop the fermentation. After which the remaining fermented fruit solids are pressed and returned to the tank. Where we add bentonite (clay) as a fining product. Which means all our wines are suitable for vegetarians and vegans (some wineries still use animal based products).
Once the wines & liqueurs have cleared we filter them twice to clear them further and remove any leftover sediment. They are then left to mature until we feel they are ready to bottle.
This can range anywhere from 6 months for the Orkney white up to 2-3 years for the Elderberry, or even 10 years for some of the limited edition cask bottles.

The wine receives its third and final filtering before entering the bottle. It’s a very labour intensive process that usually involves 3 or 4 people operating the bottle sterilizer, filler and sealing the bottles manually. It’s like a human conveyor belt system, with quality control at every step, that runs like clockwork until the tank is empty and all the wine is in the bottle.
The bottles are allowed to rest for a week or two before they are cleaned, labelled and boxed by hand. They’re then ready to be sold, and more importantly enjoyed by you.

We also work with the Agronomy Institute part of the UHI millennium institute at the Orkney College. They grow a number of different types of fruit and flowers for us and are helping us expand our own fruit growing operations each year. To try and get as much of the fruit as possible grown in Orkney.