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About Us

It all started as a hobby for Emile van Schayk after he was given a recipe by Sarah Leneghan, a retired shepherdess in Stranraer, in 1997. He had so many ideas for different recipes, using many different ingredients, the number of demi-johns bubbling away in the house increased rapidly.
Two years later the van Schayk family moved to Orkney. Emile entered the local Homebrew and Wine competition, and won two years in a row. It was this and popular demand that encouraged Emile to turn his hobby into a business.

picking elderflowers

All our wines and liqueurs are made in the traditional way using fruit, flowers and vegetables, which are fermented whole resulting in high levels of anti-oxidants and maximum flavour. Only the finest natural ingredients are used, with as much as possible grown in Orkney.
We do not add sulphites, we let the fermentation process stop naturally. Because the alcohol levels are higher than in most wines, we do not need to use any preservatives. This means you can enjoy a few glasses of Orkney Wine without getting a headache! To clear the wines we use bentonite, a natural clay, not gelatine or any other animal product which many other wineries use. All our wines are suitable for vegetarians.

raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, strawberry

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